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Residential Trash Service                                               Your trash is our business

Pay for a year at a time and receive one month free!!


We offer weekly trash pickup for the garbage life creates.  Call us (826-9838) to set up service today. 

Regular rates include 95 gallon cart placed at curb for weekly pickup.  Drive in service is available for customers outside the Salina city limits.
Salina City limits: 
    95 gal cart weekly     $21/mth
    extra cart                       $13/mth
Outside Salina:
    95 gal cart weekly     $34/mth
    extra cart                       $19/mth
    drive in service          $15/mth
Outsde Radius:
    95 gal cart weekly     $49/mth
    extra cart                       $23/mth
    drive in service          $15/mth



- Complimentary rolling 95 gallon cart

- Weekly pickup by professional and safe drivers

- No special rules regarding placement of container at curb or closed lids

- Quarterly invoices

- No contracts, start-up fees, or taxes

Receive one month free when you pay for entire year of service.

Blue :      Tuesday
Yellow:   Wednesday
Green:    Thursday
Red:         Friday
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